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For all the Band Aids and ice packs,

For all the times you told me everything would be okay,

For all the times you asked, “Do you need anything?,”

For all the times you told me I’m just like dad,

For all the times you stayed up late planning a vacation or helping with a school project,

For all the times you said, “Make sure your apartment door is double locked,”

For all the times you told me to study hard,

For all the times you slipped me an extra $5 when dad wasn’t looking,

For all the times you hung a B+ on the fridge,

For all the times you told me my picture looks perfect,

For all of the letters and care packages in college – I kept every letter you sent,

For all the hugs when I’ve had a rough day,

For being the family photographer,

For teaching me to always bring flowers,

For telling me to study first and play second,

For reminding me to call my sisters,

For pretending my friends and I spend as much time in church as we do the bar,

For helping me move 12 times in seven years,

For the occasional guy babysitter,

For always supporting me,

For the endless supply of costumes during grade school… and college,

For only being a phone call away,

And so much more,

Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.




From a logistical standpoint, moving to London wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined. Almost every year since 2004, I’ve packed up my belongings, evaluated my clothes, and moved into a new space. Flying to London is no different than flying to New York, Miami, or St. Louis. International and domestic travelers are together during the TSA screening process, my American Airlines gate was next to a gate for people heading to Tampa, and a bottle of water is still $4 at the newsstand.

Just like writing this blog post, I delayed and ignored the toughest thing on my to-do list: saying goodbye to everyone. I avoided it because as long as I didn’t say goodbye to people, boxing up my apartment was no different than the countless times I’ve moved and packing my bag was just like packing for a long vacation.

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean

When I started to say goodbye to people in my office, it finally hit that I was moving to London. I reminded people that I would still be in the company network and we would even have some overlap in our work days. We said Facebook would keep us connected and agreed that my visit to Chicago during the summer isn’t that far away. At the time, these conversations were “easy” because my apartment was still a mess and I had 1,001 things to do before my flight.

One of the people I spoke with was a person that connected me with my job in London. We celebrated for a moment, she wished me the best, reminded me to work hard, and then told me something no one else had mentioned, “This is going to be tough. It is going to be really difficult and it will take a month or so before it gets better. But hang in there. You can do it.”

She was right. This transition is difficult. Dealing with banks, understanding a new currency, finding a permanent address, learning a new phone system… and accidentally spending more on a sandwich than my temporary phone. (I’m not too frustrated, it was a really good sandwich.)

I'm pretty sure my phone was designed in 2003. It's key features include a "simple design, colourful screen and large, separated keys."

But life here hasn’t been all bad. I have great co-workers, I’m meeting people from around the world (e.g. Last night I went to a party with people from Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia), I’m excited to travel, and I have great people, like you, supporting me.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for the Facebook messages, wall posts, Tweets, and text messages. This new stage in my life is easier because of friends like you.

I didn’t have time to give a proper goodbye to everyone in the States and I’m sorry. I tried to do small things like coffee, lunch, or drinks at night, but I didn’t have much time between the day my move went public and the morning I left for the UK. If I were to step back a few weeks, I wouldn’t have put off the goodbyes as long as I did. I hope you forgive my poor planning. It was the result of an overwhelmed person trying to pretend everything is normal.

I’d love to know everything going on at home. So feel free to send me an email or drop a note in the comments section below.