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For all the Band Aids and ice packs,

For all the times you told me everything would be okay,

For all the times you asked, “Do you need anything?,”

For all the times you told me I’m just like dad,

For all the times you stayed up late planning a vacation or helping with a school project,

For all the times you said, “Make sure your apartment door is double locked,”

For all the times you told me to study hard,

For all the times you slipped me an extra $5 when dad wasn’t looking,

For all the times you hung a B+ on the fridge,

For all the times you told me my picture looks perfect,

For all of the letters and care packages in college – I kept every letter you sent,

For all the hugs when I’ve had a rough day,

For being the family photographer,

For teaching me to always bring flowers,

For telling me to study first and play second,

For reminding me to call my sisters,

For pretending my friends and I spend as much time in church as we do the bar,

For helping me move 12 times in seven years,

For the occasional guy babysitter,

For always supporting me,

For the endless supply of costumes during grade school… and college,

For only being a phone call away,

And so much more,

Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.




Even if you say you don’t like weddings, you actually like weddings. This doesn’t mean every wedding is amazing and that you’ll always leave with a grin from ear to ear but the basic elements of a wedding are tough to argue with: food, booze, dancing and at least two extremely happy people (a.k.a. the bride and groom).

As someone in their mid-twenties, wedding season is in full force. All of my college friends that have been together for years are starting to settle down and create a life together, which means I have a plethora of celebrations to attend and reasons to celebrate.

This weekend is my third wedding in 2010 and it is both exciting and a relief. Exciting because some of my closest buddies are tying the knot this year and a relief because the winter months will be a chance to relax and recuperate before it starts up again next spring.

Wedding season is filled with a variety of pluses and minuses that can be argued when determining whether this time of year is blessing or a punishment. The obvious quarrels involve money vs. the ability to see friends and using vacation time for a wedding vs. using vacation time for yourself but the sleeper argument for determining if wedding season is a friend or foe is a little more personal.

What most people in a relationship don’t realize is this time of year forces a single individual to evaluate their life and try to predict where they might be several month from now. When you look at an RSVP note, like I am right now, you’re really predicting your relationship status two or three months from now.

As much as I hate glaring down at a RSVP note and thinking about my possible “plus one,” this is one of my favorite parts of wedding season. To me the process is helpful because it causes me to reflect on my life, figure out where I am and where I want to be.

I still have a more days to figure out how I’m going to RSVP to my next wedding but who knows what will happen this weekend. The wedding is in Du Quoin, IL, a farm town, and who knows maybe I’ll fall in love with a farmer’s daughter.



p.s. Another benefit of wedding season is it’s a good excuse to wear a tuxedo.

For the last couple months, I’ve thought a lot about what makes me happy. I have things that I “love” like beer, whiskey, baseball and a strong cup of coffee, but I struggled to find an answer to the question “What makes you happy?” (#WMYH)

A little less than two weeks ago, I started to find my answer during a phone call with Papa Piehl. Papa and Mama Piehl we’re visiting my older sister Kim in Arizona and Papa Piehl told me about the awesome things my sisters were doing that weekend. He reminded me to send a note, so I wrote a Facebook status update highlighting my amazing sisters and almost immediately the responses came in about the amazing women in my life.

The final piece of the puzzle came together at the Brewers vs. Cubs game this past Tuesday when a friend of mine started to get tired. When I asked if we should call it night, she pushed back and said “Nope, you bought the tickets. I want to leave when you want to leave.” But that didn’t make sense because I can watch baseball for hours and I know she wasn’t up for that challenge – I wanted to know what would make her happy. It was at this moment that I realized what made me happy: Supporting my friends and being their “cheerleader.”

So in the spirit of being the ultimate supporter and doing something that makes me happy, I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to highlight one of the amazing people in my life and be their cheerleader. And since supporting my older sister Kim helped me figure this out, this one is about her.

Kimberly Piehl (Don’t call her Kimmie – she’s not a fan)

Over five years ago, Kim went on a Spring Break trip to Arizona and spent a week volunteering at Maggie’s Place – a community that provides a home for pregnant women who are alone or on the streets. As a baby fanatic, it was no surprise that about 4 month later she started a one-year volunteer position with Maggie’s Place.

“Kim just told me ‘Dad, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave this place.'” These were the words of Papa Piehl about nine months into Kim’s one year commitment. It speaks not only to her passion for helping others but also her dedication to the women and children of Phoenix.

To up the ante even further, she’s a full time staff member for Maggie’s Place but instead of a salary she receives a comfortable place to live and a stipend every month. It’s easy to ask “How do you live like that?” or ‘What do you do for fun?”, but consider yourself forewarned, her active schedule will make you tired just listening to her. Have you ran a marathon or triathlon in the past year? Because Kim’s probably ran 2 of them in between her skiing and hiking trips to Flagstaff. And at work her energy doesn’t stop either!

The weekend I posted a comment about my awesome sisters, Maggie’s Place was celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary and guess who coordinated it, Kim did – including a special speech by Brenda Warner, Kurt Warner’s wife. If that isn’t enough, she helps coordinate the annual Christmas Party and gift distribution that Maggie’s Place hosts for current and “alumni” families. The donation “pile” is so large for this event that in years past they filled a completely empty Scottsdale, AZ house with donations. No wonder people know her as Santa!

Not only does she do amazing things for Maggie’s Place, but she’s also a supportive sister and a loving friend. I have an opportunity to work with some amazing clients like Harley-Davidson and Combos – the awesome cheese filled snack – and in April Combos hosted a NASCAR viewing party in the Phoenix area. Even though NASCAR isn’t Kim’s forte, she still brought a throng of people almost an hour way from her home in Tempe, AZ to the party. It’s actions like this that make it tough not to love and support a girl like Kim.

If your ever in the Phoenix area, let me know because you definitely need to meet Kim!


The same Tuesday I went to the Brewers vs. Cubs game, I decided to be a little dorky and do the “I think you have something on your shirt” joke to my friend, to which I promptly received the response, “You’re such a dad. You know that’s a dad joke right?” Hopefully someday I actually will get to be a dad, but until then I’m willing to accept the fact that every so often I’m a 42-year-old dad trapped in a 24-year-old’s body.