Around Chicago

I love Chicago. Here are some of the places to visit if you want to smile:

Lincoln Park Zoo

Wakamono Sushi

Sunda (New Asian)

Toro Sushi (Make sure you sit at the sushi bar and say hi to Mitch.)

The Signature Lounge (John Hancock Building)

Faith and Whiskey

Gamekeepers (You haven’t really played sports in Lincoln Park unless you finish with a beer at Gamekeepers.)

DMK Burger Bar

Rocks (in Lakeview)

Rockit Bar and Grill (Two locations: River North and Wrigleyville)

My inspiration for new places and ideas:

Time Out Chicago

Chicago Magazine

Redeye Chicago / MetroMix Chicago

Explore Chicago

The Local Tourist

  1. Shannon says:

    So, I’ve completed your entire list of smile- inducing places EXCEPT Faith and Whiskey- which actually baffles me because Whiskey is my drink of choice!

    I think it all started from that look a guy gives you when you’re on a first date and order a whiskey & diet. That “Raised Eyebrow, Pursed Lips Smirk” that says, “Damn, that’s kinda hot”…

    And it just kinda stuck 🙂

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