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We’ve Moved!

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Joe's Life
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Don't worry, visiting is easy to do. Would these piercing blue eyes ever deceive you? I think not.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I really appreciate your spending a couple minutes here and seeing what kind of ‘trouble’ I’ve gotten myself into recently.

To personalize it a bit more than a standard WordPress blog, it’s moved to The new sit has all of the same great content you’ll find here, but in an easier to read format and with a few extras.

Thanks again and don’t forget to change your homepage to


p.s. Ladies – That handsome gentleman on the right side of your screen is me and yes, I’m single.


Pardon the digital dust. Peeling Out is moving to PeelingOut.US!

Since March I’ve owned a couple Peeling Out URLs, but have been slightly nervous to make the jump – partly because I can’t make up my mind on which layout to go with and partly because I’m still learning the technical side of web design. However, this weekend things are going to change and I’m going to make the move I’ve been putting off for too long.

Why the change?

  • The goal of the new design is to create a space that doesn’t feel like a cookie cutout blog and that I’m more excited to share.
  • July 22nd will be the one year anniversary of Peeling Out and it needs a face lift.
  • Peeling Out will be easier to find online and the URL will be simpler to remember.
  • Initially, I thought it would be great to blog a little bit about work and PR concepts, but I was never excited to write about those topics. Instead, I want to highlight what life is like in London, some of the ‘trouble’ I get myself into, and share some of the travel knowledge I’ve gained.

What does this mean?

  • It will be easier to share Peeling Out.
  • The new design will make the blog a bit more user friends and fun.
  • The new design will categorize posts into three key areas: London, Chicago, and Adventures Elsewhere
  • I’ll have a site that I’m excited to share and I’ll be more likely to post.

What are the design concepts?

I’ve kicked around a dozens of ideas and I’m down to three, but you’ll have to come back on Sunday to see the final choice.

After the redesign, what will I do differently?

Assuming the internet doesn’t collapse, my next blog post will be this Sunday on* I’m also committing myself to two posts a week – one on Sunday and one on Wednesday / Thursday.

One of my buddies writes a great web comic, My Little World, and rain or shine he posts three times a week. Maybe someday I’ll have the time to post three times a week but I’m not there yet.

As usual, thanks for the support and I’d love to hear your two cents. Beyond the design/theme, and my grammar, what else should I update or change? See you Sunday!


*Because the new site will won’t be super polished Sunday night, I’ll continue post a few more updates here.