Merry Christmas

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Joe's Life
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Merry Christmas! Even when my immediate family doesn’t have to host our extended family, Christmas is a busy day in the Piehl household. Between celebrating Mama Piehl’s birthday (she’s a Christmas baby), dad cooking a big breakfast, and everyone rushing out the door to go see my mom’s side of the family, we’re all on the move… or trying to avoid the work. : )

Three Christmas traditions we celebrate every year are putting baby Jesus in the Nativity scene, putting the angel on top of the tree and celebrating Mama Piehl’s birthday before we open our Christmas gifts. I hope you enjoy the fourth tradition I started in college, a ridiculous card staring yours truly.

Do you have any fun traditions, trips, or special events that you do every December?



p.s. A Christmas note from my favorite show 30 Rock: Happy Holidays… is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas – Avery and Jack (View the full episode here.)


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