Agency Alphabet Soup: From GSD to OPM

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Professional Insight, Work and Play

Whether you work in any environment where sending and receiving 200 emails a day is the norm or in a retail environment discussing the latest and greatest product, acronyms pop up everywhere. Some of them are easy to figure out (e.g. “FYI” – for your information or “IDK” – I don’t know) and other you may have to ask about but most of them have a purpose. As someone that has had the pleasure of working in both office and retail environments, I have a secret love for acronyms – especially when I get to introduce someone to a new acronyms.

Here are some of my favorite acronyms and how to use them:

ABC – Always Be Closing. People in sales should recognize this immediately because it’s what they do on a daily basis. While this isn’t used on a daily basis in my office, the spirit is thriving! Sometimes it’s coordinating an interview with a reporter and other times developing a client proposal, no matter what the task, we’re always taking one step closer to closing a “sale” and helping our clients “win.” (Also, if you haven’t seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin gives an amazing speech about ABC. Note, the clip involves profanity.)

FML – F-ck My Life. Everyone from the top down has had a rough day and sometimes this one slips out. The best way to approach this abbreviation is to say it, get it out of your system and turn on a GSD attitude. Remember you aren’t alone. [Ex: It’s 2 pm, I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I have another conference call in 5 minutes. FML.]

GSD – Get Sh-t Done. A GSD attitude is one of the key to success and it has a positive connotation. One of my supervisors was recently promoted to the level of vice president and I’d be surprised if his GSD attitude didn’t play a large role in the promotion. Everyday he walks into the office with a positive and upbeat tone that shouts gets conquer the day! His GSD attitude attracts other people with a similar drive and in doing so, he surrounds himself with a powerful GSD team. [Ex: It’s Monday guys, let GSD!]

OPM – Other Peoples Money. Unless you own your company, and you produce a physical product, you’re always spending somebody else’s money. If you’re low on the totem pole like myself it’s important to watch how you use your company credit card because the habits you develop early on, might be tough to break a couple years down the line – especially if someone in accounting starts to look into the $20 steak you had for lunch on a Tuesday in Cleveland. [Ex: I didn’t have to buy groceries this week because I have a client meeting in New York and I’ll be living on OPM.]

LMK – Let me know. Constant communication within a team is crucial and sometimes a friendly reminder to keep each other in the loop is helpful. [Ex: LMK your schedule for this week when we meet later today.]

PTO – Paid Time Off. I hope you don’t need me to explain why this is so valuable.

Do you have any helpful acronyms that you use at work?

  1. Jose says:

    Yes, I have an abbreviation every time I read your blog. NERD – it means Nerd.

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks Blake. I think that’s the nicest comment I’ve ever heard you direct towards another human being. If this is the “soft side” of a Marine, I’m glad your fighting on our side.

  3. Rachel P. says:

    Joe! I salute your blogging adventure. Well done. Now I’m going to be counting on you to inform me of all of the fun and exciting agency BS (Do you like my abbrev?) that I don’t get to experience over here in non-profit land. Keep up the good work!

    • Joe says:

      Thanks Rachel, I appreciate the support! I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on the craziness of agency and all the BS – another abbreviation I use often. However, I would love hear about the non-profit side from you!! *cough, guest post, cough*

  4. O'Mc says:

    Nice one Blake. I knew that was you the instant I read it.

  5. […] people and the future they have ahead of them. For me, this means I have even more motivation to GSD and leave the office on time Thursday to catch my […]

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